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The Full Reserach Story

What made us start BettrSkillz?

The idea of BettrSkillz was not coined in one day or days to begin with but it took few initial months of research & lots of reading on Web & talking to different professionals to confirm that this idea holds some value in it. 

Luckily BettrSkillz's Co-Founders also comes from a background where they themselves have witnessed this issue when it comes to hiring fresh graduates in the country. 

The Scenario Right Now

Every year there are millions of graduates who pass from various colleges & universities but unfortunately most of them are not employable or "employment ready". Not only in Tier 2 or 3 cities but in major metro cities also many students despite good in academics & having natural skills, abilities and attitude fail to crack job interviews and ends up by compromising their careers with jobs which they never thought of doing before or ends up in searching jobs for days and months and thus creating an unemployment 'space'. One of the reasons is many institutions focusing only on academics and not on improving on various soft skills and preparing the students for the real working world. 



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The Research Says the Truth

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Challenges faced by Corporates in India while hiring Freshers 

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Despite the emphatic stress laid on education and training in this country, there is still a shortage of skilled manpower and the lack of technical and soft skills, resulting in an urgent and growing need to make young Indians job-ready to address the mounting needs and demands of the industry. More than 93% of our workforce still remains unorganised. It is estimated that only 4.69% of the total workforce in India has undergone formal skill training as compared to more than 50% across the developed countries in the world. In the current scenario, of the seven lakh engineering students that graduate annually, merely 7% are fit for core engineering jobs. What also helps is providing training in not just technical skills but also soft skills or communication skills, preparing them to transform into workers from students.

Most institutions do not prepare candidates for the new working world, making them struggle while facing the competencies of the professional realm. There is a pertinent need to equip graduates with interpersonal communication skills, basic computer knowledge, the ability to speak English and work as a team"


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